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Densborn Blachly LLP attorneys provide business owners, executives, directors, and investors with straightforward legal advice. Recognizing the chasm that sometimes exists between legal opinions and business decisions, our attorneys provide options to our clients along the spectrum of legal risks and exposure that correspond with varying business objectives.

Commercial Finance

Densborn Blachly LLP represents both lenders and borrowers in the areas of asset-based lending, commercial lending, commercial real estate finance, construction lending, equipment leasing, institutional borrowing and lending, mezzanine loans, secured transactions, and structured finance. Our attorneys can assist our clients in maneuvering through what can be a highly nuanced process for borrowers, especially those who are inexperienced with such transactions.

Commercial Transactions

After a client has established a business, Densborn Blachly LLP attorneys assist them with their business-to-business transactions. From the acquisition or lease of essential equipment to franchising a successful business with an aim at new locations, our attorneys guide our clients through commercial transactions. These transactions are frequently critical to a business’s survival.

Finance & Debt

Densborn Blachly LLP attorneys possess significant experience assisting clients with creatively structuring the financing or reorganization of their companies. This includes both traditional methods of financing and raising capital and more innovative methods. Our attorneys assist in the negotiation of deal terms, the drafting of deal documents, and everything in between.

Intellectual Property

Densborn Blachly LLP attorneys provide practical guidance to clients in a broad range of industries respecting the rights and title to their intellectual property. Our attorneys recognize the often unquantifiable value our clients derive from their intellectual property and strive to protect those rights and title to the fullest extent of the law. Clients frequently seek advice from Densborn Blachly LLP attorneys regarding the proper selection of intellectual property protections.

Litigation Services

Sometimes despite the best efforts of all parties involved, businesses have no choice but to litigate their claims or determine their legal rights. Densborn Blachly LLP attorneys advocate for our clients in what can be the most trying and frustrating times. Our attorneys litigate disputes in numerous venues, both at the federal and state levels. Densborn Blachly LLP attorneys also understand the strain that expensive and frequently unnecessary litigation can place on a business’s viability.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Densborn Blachly LLP attorneys routinely serve as counsel for our clients in the preparation, organization, and execution of asset transfers, mergers, and stock or equity transfers. This includes working with both acquiring entities and entities targeted for acquisition. Our experience allows us to assist our clients in strategically determining the form of deal that best fits the given situation and circumstances. Our attorneys can guide clients through as much or as little of the process as is necessary;

Real Estate

Densborn Blachly LLP attorneys routinely handle commercial real estate transactions both as an individual transaction and as a piece of a larger overall deal, such as a merger or asset purchase. Whether our clients seek assistance in negotiating, financing, development, performing due diligence, or resolving disputes regarding commercial real estate, our attorneys limit the associated risks for our clients.

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